Endocrine, diabetes and obesity diseases specialist, Dr. Elie R. Deeb, is fully confident in his ability to achieve success and turn the dream and obsession of many over-weight people looking for fitness and healthier diets into fact.
How could he not? He who has made his own way to achieve the dream that seemed a few years ago almost impossible to achieve in the eyes of many, he is the doctor who opened up to Western civilization, and carried from the United States, specifically from Los Angeles to Lebanon " the Hollywood Diet", which proved to be a great success amongst the celebrity circles of Hollywood, and has become a marker in the world of nutrition, causing a revolution in weight loss.
Dr. Deeb today is adding success stories to his register of accomplishments, since he has become the go-to person for 85 percent of the Media, Entertainment and Politics stars and he is being empowered by his achievements that earned him the right to progress forward with more confidence.
Dr. Deeb was the first Arab guests on the "Oprah Winfrey"show, and thus he has succeeded in consolidating his position on the health care map in Lebanon, the Arab and rest of the world.
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