Since the early 2002, Dr Elie Deeb MD has stepped into the international spotlight with his accomplishment one after another.
Whether in medicine field or in his most popular diet program named “Hollywood Diet Clinic” he has consistently given the world reason to take notice.
Dr. Deeb started his domain at Hollywood Clinic – Beverly Hills in clinical obesity as well as Baylor University – Texas Houston. His knowledge and ability to get results is what attracts an A-List client roster. It’s also what keeps his clinic at L.A.’s top jam-packed with society Elite and Hollywood stars. The famous US star Madonna says: “Dr. Elie knows how to draw you in and keep you motivated”.
Dr. Deeb is an expert in International medicine as well as in Endocrinology & Metabolism & Obesity has been in private practice for more than 9 years.
As a trusted partner who works closely with his patients, Dr. Deeb advocates a patient-directed counseling style for eliciting behavior change using his creation “Hollywood Diet Clinic ME”. His approach helps Middle Eastern patients explore and resolve ambivalence.
He now dedicates in Lebanon his time and resources to making the human body a better, healthy place for current and future generations.