Since modern and professional life often prevents the person from adopting strict systems, such as a traditional "diet" that depends on calorie limitation, or taking appetite inhibition drugs, Dr. Deeb has spread among Lebanese and Arab circles the culture of a lifestyle based upon the quality of foods and not their quantity, according to water, fat or muscle mass stored in the body to then reach the ideal weight. And by that he was the first to introduce to Lebanon and the Arab world the "Hollywood Diet" based on dietary modification according to the measurement of body temperature compared with water, muscle and fat levels.
This procedure is done by an instant check-up in the clinic that should not exceed 15 minutes, during which body temperature is measured by an infra-red device depending on " Infra red technology" that measures energy and body temperature, and evaluates them based on water, muscle and fat in the body, all while determining their correct percentages The exam sheds light upon the interaction of the digestion process in the stomach with food through the antibiotics present in the body, and according to the result what is allowed amongst food and what is not, is determined. The patient would then eat as much as he wants from the food items that are easily metabolized in his body and refrain from eating those that are not.
However dissimilar the results are from one person to another, the "Hollywood Diet" remains balanced between carbohydrates, proteins and fats and sweets, and the treatment extends for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months and focuses on fat and water retention areas in the body and removes cellulite. It is beneficial for the young and the elderly to prevent osteoporosis or fatigue, and useful to those who suffer from chronic headaches, stomach bloating, and patients with arthritis.